Aug. 18, Austell, Ga. / Beech Duke


At 22:44 eastern time, a Beech B60 crashed during an attempted forced landing at the Fulton County Airport, killing the pilot. The flight had departed Houston about 3:15 before the accident. Reportedly, the pilot had flown to Houston earlier in the week and had experienced engine problems. The airplane was taken to a local repair facility. After several days, the pilot topped the airplanes fuel tanks and departed for Atlanta. Approximately three hours into the flight, the pilot reported that he had about 30 minutes of fuel remaining. The pilot was advised of enroute airports where he could refuel, but the pilot elected to continue the flight to the destination airport. While on final approach to runway 08, the pilot reported the loss of engine power. The airplane crashed about one-half mile short of the runway. About 3 ounces of fuel were recovered from the fuel system of the airplane.


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