August 02, Avalon, Calif. / Beech Baron


At 1415 Pacific time, a Beech 58TC crashed after aborting a landing on runway 4 at Catalina Airport. Both occupants were killed. According to the airport operations supervisor, the sky would clear enough for pilots to see the airport, and then the sky would become overcast again in a moment. Two airplanes that landed prior to the accident airplane used runway 22 after circling the airport for 20 minutes. Sky conditions became obscured for runway 22 and the accident airplane circled to land on runway 4. The supervisor said the pilot came in fast and hot and he advised the pilot to go around. Another pilot, a relative of the accident pilot, contacted the accident pilot and told him to go around. The airplane touched down at midfield and the pilot braked hard enough to cause smoke from the wheels. The airplane skidded down the runway and hit a berm just beyond the departure end. The airplane catapulted off the berm, the engines revved and the airplane dropped 600 feet to flat terrain off the edge of the airport.


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