August 06, Pleasantville, Pa. / Grumman Tiger


At 0740 eastern time, a Grumman AA-5B struck trees while on the ILS Rwy 33 approach at Johnstown-Cambria County Airport. The pilot was killed. The pilot was assigned a heading of 300 degrees to intercept the final approach course and instructed to maintain an altitude of 4,600 feet until established on the approach. He reported he was established on the approach and contacted the tower. He made two routine transmissions but reported no problems. Analysis of the airplanes radar track showed it was 100 feet above glideslope when it reached a position 6.7 miles from the initial approach fix, which itself was 6.7 miles from the runway. It began a descent of 850 feet per minute and struck a ridgeline at an altitude below airport elevation while still outside of the initial fix and 11.4 miles from the runway. The pilot had logged 931 hours, including 45 hours in instrument conditions and 70 hours of simulated instrument time.


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