August 1, 2008, Ketchikan, Alaska, Cessna T210 Turbo Centurion


At about 1906 Alaska time, the airplane sustained substantial damage when it ditched in the ocean following a complete loss of engine power. The private pilot was not injured; the sole passenger received minor injuries from hypothermia. Instrument conditions prevailed for the en route portion of the flight, but visual conditions were present at Ketchikan.

The flight had been cleared for an approach at Ketchikan but flew past the inbound localizer course. After ATC requested the pilot climb and maintain 7000 feet, he reported being low on fuel, and descended through an opening in the clouds into visual conditions. The pilot continued toward Ketchikan, but ran out of fuel, and ditched the airplane in about 50 feet of water. Local float-equipped airplanes picked up the two occupants.

Subsequently, the pilot said a fuel vendor may have not completely filled the fuel tanks to their maximum capacity.


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