August 10, 2004, Durango, Colo. / Mooney M20J


The aircraft was substantially damaged when it impacted the edge of a road, just prior to the approach end of Runway 01 at the Durango-Animas Air Park (5CO0), Durango, Colo., at about 1605 Mountain time. Visual conditions prevailed at the time of the accident. The Private pilot and two passengers reported no injuries; a third passenger sustained minor injuries. The cross-country flight originated at Albuquerque, New Mexico, at 1440. The pilot reported that, at approximately 300 feet AGL on final approach, the airplane began to sink rapidly. The pilot said he applied full power, and barely cleared a drop-off on the approach end of the runway. He also said that the stall warning horn was sounding. The pilot said the right wing dropped, and the airplane contacted the runway and veered to the right, coming to rest off the right edge of the runway. In his statement to the FAA, the pilot said he encountered a downdraft, applied power, but didnt have enough altitude to recover.


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