August 14, 2004, Paradise Key, Fla. / Cessna U206B


At about 1451 Eastern time, the airplane was ditched into the water in the Dry Tortugas National Park, Fla. Visual conditions prevailed. The Airline Transport pilot and three passengers received minor injuries; one passenger received fatal injuries. The flight was conducted to film islands in the Dry Tortugas. As the flight progressed and was in the area of Fort Jefferson, the engine sputtered and ceased operating. The pilot was able to get the engine operating again, but about three minutes later it stopped and did not restart. Everyone aboard was able to egress the airplane except for one passenger, who had asked that a rope be tied around him so that he would not fall out of the airplane while filming through the airplanes open doorway. The airplane sank in about 50 feet of water.


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