August 17, 2004, Tulsa, Okla. / Cessna T210L


The airplane was destroyed at about 1712 Central time when it spun to the ground and subsequently burned near Richard Lloyd Jones Jr. Airport (RVS). The Instrument-rated Private pilot and his two passengers were fatally injured. Visual conditions prevailed for the cross-country flight that was originating at the time. ATC tower recordings indicate that the pilot was cleared for takeoff at 1710. Approximately 100 seconds later the pilot reported the he had oil on his windscreen and would like to return to the airport. A witness later said that the accident airplane leveled off at approximately 300 feet, slowed, and made a right turn to return to the airport. He said that it rotated to the right of a turn and impacted the ground. Post-accident examination revealed that the engines yellow oil cap was not on its filling neck.


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