August 2, 2010, Mashpee, Mass., Cessna 177B Cardinal


The airplane sustained a loss of engine power and was ditched at about 1205 Eastern time. Visual conditions prevailed. The airplane sustained substantial damage; the private pilot and passenger were not injured.

While preparing to land, the pilot moved the propeller control to the low pitch position and applied carburetor heat, but the engine quit. He immediately removed carburetor heat engine power was not restored. He attempted to restore power by application of carburetor heat and switching the fuel selector to the left and right positions, but the engine only responded for a few seconds, then quit again. He elected to ditch the airplane; both occupants exited and swam to shore.

No determination was made as to the reason for the loss of engine power. Review of FAA Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin CE-09-35, titled Carburetor Icing Prevention, revealed observed atmospheric conditions were favorable for serious icing at glide power.


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