August 26, Yarmouth, Mass. / Beech 1900


At 1540 eastern time, a Beech 1900D operating as a U.S. Airways Express flight, crashed into water near Yarmouth, killing the two pilots aboard. The flight was a nonrevenue positioning flight. The flight departed runway 24 at Hyannis, destined for Albany, N.Y., and the crew reported a runaway trim. The airplane climbed in a left turn to about 1,100 feet and the controller cleared the pilots to land on any runway. Witnesses observed the airplane in a left turn, with a nose-up attitude. The airplane then pitched nose-down, and impacted the water at an approximate 30-degree angle. The flight data recorded showed the airplanes pitch trim was 2 degrees negative at takeoff and then reached a 7-degree nose down position. The accident flight was the first flight after maintenance that included replacement of both elevator trim actuators and the forward elevator trim cable.


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