August 27, Bend, Ore. / Lancair 400


At approximately 1045 Pacific time, a Lancair LC41, prototype for the Lancair 400, crashed about 15 miles east of Bend during spin testing. The pilot bailed out and was not injured. The pilot had been conducting a series of spin entry and recovery tests, and had intentionally entered a fully developed spin. During the final spin, the flight controls were insufficient to recover, so he deployed the spin recovery/stabilization drogue parachute. After he recovered from the spin, he was unable to jettison the drogue chute with either the manual or backup system. He attempted to establish controlled flight with the chute attached, but was unable. He then bailed out. Initial examination of the wreckage showed the parachute leader attach ring had released from where it had been held in the glider tow hook. The lead from the electrical cable cutter activation mechanism was found pulled from its plug.


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