August 4, 2006, Pownal, Vt./Embraer 110P1


At 0918 Eastern time, the airplane was destroyed when it impacted mountainous terrain. The Airline Transport pilot was fatally injured. Instrument conditions prevailed. The pilot had attempted one VOR Runway 13 approach to minimums, but had not been able to land and was attempting a second approach when contact was lost.

A review of preliminary radar information revealed that during the first approach, the airplane began a descent from 3400 feet at the VOR, and at the missed approach point executed a missed approach. The airplane then rejoined the approach course at 3400 feet, inbound to the VOR. It subsequently passed over the VOR, on course, at about 3400 feet, but instead of descending, maintained that altitude until reaching the airport. At the airport, the airplane began a descent. The airplane continued to travel outbound from the airport, along the same course, until last radar contact, at 0918:35, about two nautical miles southeast of the airport at 2600 feet.


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