August 4, 2006, Whitethorn, Calif./Cessna 182


The aircraft impacted a mountain shortly after departing at about 1030 Pacific time. The two occupants, both of whom were Private pilots, were fatally injured. The airplane sustained substantial damage. Instrument conditions prevailed around the accident site; it was unknown if a flight plan had been filed.

A witness recalled observing the accident airplane depart, noting there was a dense fog surrounding the airport, which provided less than -mile visibility. He witnessed the airplane take off heading toward a dark cloud to the south and entering the fog layer. He heard the propeller momentarily increase rpm as if it were revving. Then engine noise ceased and he believed that he heard a faint sound akin to the collapsing of an aluminum can. The wreckage came to rest on a slope of about 70 to 80 degrees. The accident site was located about one nautical mile (nm) east of the departure end of Runway 12.


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