August 4, 2007, Lovell, Maine, Cessna T206H


At 1000 Eastern time, the float-equipped airplane nosed over during landing on Lake Kezar at the completion of a sightseeing flight and was substantially damaged. Visual conditions prevailed. The commercial pilot received fatal injuries, one passenger received serious injuries and three passengers received minor injuries.

Subsequently, the passengers reported they were given a very good briefing on emergency evacuation procedures. As the airplane touched down, they felt like it skipped and immediately went over on its nose in a somersault. The cabin filled with water immediately, and it got dark and quiet. The adult male egressed by kicking out the windshield, and the adult female egressed with her son out the emergency exit in the back. On reaching the surface they realized that the pilot and their daughter had not escaped.

Rescuers arrived in boats to assist; one of them had some goggles and went down to get the pilot and daughter. The rescuer found the girl still strapped in her seat behind the pilot but could not release the seat belt. He returned to the surface. The mother, who had received the emergency evacuation briefing, took the goggles, dove down to the airplane and released her daughter.


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