August 16, 2007, New Bern, N.C., Piper PA-44-180


The airplane sustained minor damage during the initial climb at about 1830 Eastern time. The airline transport pilot and a student pilot were not injured. Visual conditions prevailed.

According to the airline transport pilot (ATP), the student pilot had just completed a touch-and-go. When the ATP took control of the airplane to demonstrate a maneuver, he noticed there was very little resistance from the stabilator. He then checked all trim settings, trimmed the airplane for climb and continued to fly the traffic pattern. There was little resistance from the stabilator, but the ATP was able to land the airplane without incident.

Subsequent examination revealed that the “cable assembly-stabilator control, aft, lower,” (p/n 62701-153) was fractured. The unit was forwarded to the NTSBs Materials Laboratory for further examination.


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