August 7, 2010, Saltsburg, Penn., Beech 58 Baron


At about 0920 Eastern time, the descended into a house. Visual conditions prevailed. The airplane was destroyed by impact and a post-crash fire. The commercial pilot and airline transport pilot safety pilot were killed. The house was destroyed but the occupant of the house was not injured.

Radar data depicting the accident airplanes show it on a north-northwesterly heading. While continuing on that heading the target climbed to a 4200 feet msl; its groundspeed slowed to 130 knots. The target remained at that altitude for two radar returns, then began descending with groundspeed decreasing to 81 knots and the heading turning to 194 degrees. The last radar target, approximately four seconds later, depicted the aircraft at 3900 feet msl, at a groundspeed of 70 knots,


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