Dec. 14, Chesterfield, N.H. / Cessna 310


At about 05:30 eastern time, a Cessna 310Q operating as a Part 135 cargo flight crashed in Chesterfield. The flight was destined for Albany, N.Y., and the pilot reported icing conditions and problems with one engine as he flew at 8,000 feet in the vicinity of Dillant-Hopkins Airport in Keene. The pilot said he was unable to maintain altitude and requested vectors to the nearest airport. He was given the ILS Runway 02 approach to Dillant-Hopkins and initially flew the vectors, but later reported he was not able to reach the airport. The airplane struck a hill approximately 7 miles southwest of EEN. Although the pilot initially survived the accident, he later died of his injuries. The air filter from the left engine was found to be half-covered with -inch thick ice and the alternate air valve was closed. The air filter from the right engine was damaged by fire, but the alternate air valve was found open. At the time of the accident, an airmet was in effect for the New England area for moderate icing below 20,000 feet.


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