Dec. 8, Antimony, Utah / Piper Comanche


At 16:55 mountain time, a Piper PA-24-250 crashed in the mountains about seven miles southeast of Antimony, killing the pilot and his passenger. The pilot was not instrument rated but IMC prevailed at the accident site. A family friend said the pilot had owned the airplane for four months and had flown from Mesa, Ariz., to Provo earlier that day to pick up his father. The pilot and his father were going to return to Mesa. At approximately 15:35, the pilot called his wife by cell phone while he was taxiing for takeoff and told her he would be back in Mesa by 18:30. A controller observed a VFR target in the vicinity of Antimony flying east to west. The target squawked 7700 once then disappeared from radar at 16:54:57.


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