December 05, Prescott, AZ / Cessna Skylane


At 10:11 mountain time, a Cessna 182E crashed shortly after takeoff from runway 21L at Love Field Airport. The pilot and front-seat passenger were killed and two passengers in the rear seat received serious injuries. After takeoff, the controller observed the airplane losing altitude and making a banking turn to the right back toward the airport. The pilot reported experiencing difficulty. A flight instructor taking off behind the accident airplane reported the airplanes initial climb rate was only 150-200 fpm. At a quarter-mile past the departure end of the runway, the airplane had climbed to about 300 feet agl. The airplane then banked to about 80 degrees and appeared to stall and spin. Witnesses also reported frost, ice and snow on the wings of parked airplanes all over the ramp. Examination of the wreckage disclosed carbon-fouled spark plugs and auto fuel on board.


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