December 06, Reading, Pa. / Socata TBM 700


At 0439 eastern time, a Socata TBM 700 crashed after failing to climb while departing Reading Regional Airport. The pilot was not injured. The pilot came on duty at 0400 and moved the plane out of its hangar. He observed snow blowing off the top of the wing. Electing not to apply de-icing fluid, he taxied to runway 13 and made an intersection takeoff. The pilot said he wanted to minimize his ground time exposure due to the moderate snow fall. The pilot rotated at 85 knots. He felt the aircraft shaking about three or four seconds after takeoff, which he attributed to an engine vibration. He realized the airplane was not climbing and pulled back on the control yoke. The stall horn sounded and the aircraft struck the ground, coming to rest in a field. When the airplane was examined 45 minutes after the accident, the company director of operations observed areas of rough granular ice on the tops of the wings that corresponded to the shape of the fuel tank in each wing. No ice was observed outboard of the fuel tanks or on the top of the horizontal stabilizer.


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