December 1, 2004, Teterboro, N.J. / Gulfstream Aerospace G-IV


The airplane was substantially damaged while landing at the Teterboro Airport (TEB) at 1623 Eastern time. No one among the two flightcrew, single flight attendant and six passengers was injured; visual conditions prevailed for the chartered IFR flight from London, United Kingdom. On arriving in the Teterboro area, the flight was cleared for the ILS Runway 19 approach and to sidestep to land on Runway 24. The airplane encountered a gusty right crosswind, but it was less turbulent than expected. The airplane initially overshot the extended Runway 24 centerline, but became stabilized at 1000 feet agl. The airplane touched down within the first 2000 feet of the runway and slightly right of runway centerline. The flightcrew was unable to activate the thrust reversers, and did not recall the ground spoilers deploying. The airplane did not decelerate and the captain activated the emergency braking system; the co-pilot extended speed brakes. The captain was unable to control the airplane after the emergency braking system was activated and the airplane departed the right side of the runway about 5500 feet beyond the approach end. The airplane then traveled over a grassy area, struck trees and came to rest upright.


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