December 1, 2007, Hendersonville, N.C., Cirrus SR22


At 1634 Eastern time, the airplane was destroyed by a post-crash fire after a loss of directional control on landing rollout. Visual conditions prevailed. The private pilot and one passenger reported no injuries. The pilot later stated a gust of wind caused the left wing to come up during the rollout. He applied left aileron but there was no response and the airplane started turning to the right. He lost directional control of the airplane and it came to a stop on the runway. He and his passenger exited the airplane and observed a post-crash fire in the engine compartment. The pilot obtained a fire extinguisher from the airplane but was unable to extinguish the fire.

A witness observed the airplane banking and yawing out of control. The right wing appeared to hit the ground, the airplane went off the runway, hit an embankment, and went back on the runway, coming to a complete stop.


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