December 1, 2010, Madras, Ore., Taylorcraft BC-65/Cessna 185A


At about 1130 Pacific time, the Taylorcrafts propeller and the Cessnas empennage came in contact with each other while both aircraft were on final approach. The flight instructor and student in the Taylorcraft were not injured, but the airplane, which was owned and operated by Berg Air, sustained substantial damage to the forward part of its fuselage. The commercial pilot and passenger in the Cessna were also uninjured. The Cessna sustained substantial damage to its empennage and aft fuselage.

The Cessna was on its second circuit of the VFR pattern while the Taylorcraft was on its first circuit, after returning from a training flight in the local area and entering the pattern via a standard 45 degree entry to the downwind.


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