December 10, 2007, Salmon, Idaho, Beech 200


At 0752 Mountain time, the airplane collided with a hangar and was destroyed while attempting to return to its departure airport immediately after takeoff. The commercial pilot and one passenger received fatal injuries; two other passengers were uninjured. The flight was departing in a snowstorm of varying intensity and had been instructed to maintain VFR until it was able to contact ATC to open an IFR flight plan. There was no report of an ELT activation.

According to the two surviving passengers, the aircraft entered a series of steep banks immediately after liftoff, and seemed to be unable to climb. Although the aircraft was shaking and shuddering, the pilot was eventually able to make a left turn and maneuver the aircraft to a downwind leg on the west side of the airport. Once on the downwind, the aircraft reportedly became stabilized in a wings-level position. When the pilot initiated another left turn in order to bring the aircraft around to alignment for a final approach to a landing, the aircraft immediately began to shake and shudder. Although the pilot appeared to push the throttles full forward soon after initiating the turn, the aircraft began to sink at an excessive rate, and continued to do so until it struck the hangar approximately 1300 feet southwest of the runways approach end.


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