December 10, 2010, Isom, Ky., Bell 206B JetRanger


At about 1150 Eastern time, the helicopters pilot performed an emergency landing next to a roadway after impacting electrical wires. Visual conditions prevailed. The airline transport pilot received minor injuries and the two passengers were not injured. The helicopter sustained substantial damage. The flight was operated under Part 135.

The pilot was performing a power line survey flight with employees from the power company onboard. The helicopter was cruising about 60 to 70 knots when it impacted the static line on top of the powerline. He reported that he never lost control of the helicopter, but put it down as soon as he could in a parking lot, which was about one-quarter mile from the wire strike. Subsequent inspection revealed the helicopters wire cutter located below the main rotor mast severed several strands of wire and a 12-inch piece of the strand remained in the wire cutter. One main rotor blade exhibited damage approximately a foot from the rotor tip.


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