December 12, Montgomery, Ala. / Beech Baron


At about 16:10 central time, a Beech 55 crashed after takeoff from Montgomery Regional Airport. The pilot and two passengers were killed. One witness said one of the engines sounded like it was running smooth and the other engine sounded like it was sputtering during taxi. On the takeoff roll, he said both engines sounded erratic and he wondered why the pilot did not abort the takeoff. The airplane did not appear to climb very fast and disappeared into the clouds, then crashed shortly thereafter. Another witness verified the rough-sounding engines, saying he told others at the time, Theres no way I would be on an airplane sounding like that. Just after a minute after takeoff, the pilot radioed to the tower that we are coming back for a minute. The controller told the pilot to circle to the right and asked if he had the airport in sight or wanted vectors for the ILS. There were no further communications.


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