December 14, 2006, Montgomery, N.Y. / Cessna 310Q


The airplane was substantially damaged when it impacted trees at about 1310 Eastern time, shortly after takeoff. The Commercial pilot was fatally injured; visual conditions prevailed. During the approximate six-month period prior to the accident flight, the elevator trim actuator was removed and replaced as part of major maintenance. Four mechanics worked on the airplane during that time. No flight test was performed as none of the mechanics were qualified to fly the airplane. Witnesses reported that the accident airplane took off and its pitch oscillated as it climbed approximately 200 to 500 feet agl. The airplane then made a left turn, descended and impacted trees upright.

Examination of the right horizontal stabilizer revealed that the upper elevator trim cable crossed the lower elevator trim cable as they traveled from the elevator trim actuator to a pulley at the center of the empennage.

The Cessna Aircraft Company Illustrated Parts Catalog reveals the elevator trim cables traveling from the elevator trim actuator to the pulley at the center of the empennage should not cross.


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