December 15, 2011, Phoenix, Ariz., Cirrus Design SR22


At about 0954 Mountain time, the airplane experienced a loss of control and descended into a residential neighborhood. At the time, the airplane was on short final for landing. The private pilot was fatally injured; the passenger was seriously injured. The airplane was consumed by a post-impact fire. Visual conditions prevailed.

The Cirrus entered a left-hand traffic pattern from the north and ATC sequenced it to land behind a Gulfstream Aerospace GV-SP (G550). The Gulfstream entered the traffic pattern directly from the base leg. The controller advised the Cirrus pilot to report when he had the Gulfstream in sight but the Cirrus pilot replied the sun was in his eyes. Seconds later, the controller advised the Cirrus pilot that the Gulfstream was to his left and on final approach, and the Cirrus turned onto the base leg. Subsequently, as the Cirrus was entering the final approach leg at about 1900 feet, the Gulfstream overflew the Cirrus at about 2100 feet. Less than a minute later, the Cirrus rolled into a steep bank and descended into the ground. The airplane impacted the ground in a right-wing-down, nose-low attitude.


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