December 16, 2007, Providence, R.I., Bombardier CL600-2B19 Regional Jet


At 1648 Eastern time, the airplane departed the runway after a hard landing. The flight was a regularly scheduled passenger flight operated by Air Wisconsin. The three crew members and 31 passengers were not injured, and exited the airplane via the normal airstair door.

Initial information indicates the airplane touched down hard approximately 1000-1200 feet from the runway threshold. The airplane porpoised after touchdown and exited the left side of the runway. At approximately 3000 feet from the threshold the left main gear entered the snow and grass area, and by 3200 feet, both main gear had exited the runway. The airplane came to a stop about 3700 feet from the threshold. The left main gear collapsed, the drag brace or trunnion was seen fractured, and the wheel punctured the flap and left upper wing skin. Wing tip damage was also observed. There was no fuel spill.


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