December 23, 2010, Lander, Wyo., Aero Commander 114B


The airplane wreckage was located by the Civil Air Patrol on December 24, after ELT signals received by overflying aircraft were reported. The first report was received by Salt Lake Center at 1653 Mountain time on December 23, 2010. Available information indicated the airplane departed Jasper, Texas, with Jackson, Wyo., as its destination. The non-instrument-rated owner/private pilot and two passengers were fatally injured. The day and time of the accident were unknown. Efforts to determine specific information about the flight, such as the date(s), route and fuel stops also have been unsuccessful.

Neither Lockheed Martin Flight Service personnel nor the two Direct User Access Terminal Services (DUATS) providers had records of any services for the airplane or pilot from December 12, 2010, which was the furthest back that they maintained records.


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