December 3, 2004, Belle Fourche, S.D. / Cessna 182P


At 1910 Mountain time, the rental airplane, was substantially damaged during a landing on Runway 32 at the Belle Fourche Municipal Airport (EFC). Night visual conditions prevailed; the Private pilot reported no injuries while three passengers sustained minor injuries. The flight originated from the Front Range Airport in Denver, Colo., at 1600. Following the first landing attempt, the pilot executed a go-around, during which the landing light circuit breaker tripped. He reset the circuit breaker twice and then switched the landing light off after the circuit breaker would not reset. Additionally, the pilot stated that he could not get the instrument panel lights to operate, and the overhead light(s), which were red in color, did not provide enough illumination for him to see the instrument panel. The pilot stated that the right front seat passenger used a flashlight to illuminate the instrument panel, but the flashlight ceased to operate prior to the second landing attempt. During the second landing attempt, the nosewheel touched down first. The right landing gear then contacted a grass area on the eastern edge of the runway when the airplane encountered a wind. The pilot held a medical certificate with the following limitation: Not valid for night flight or by color signal control. The pilot reported zero hours of night flight time in the accident make and model. An FAA inspector operated the landing light for about 30 seconds and noted that none of the instrument panel light(s) illuminated, and the overhead light(s) illuminated. No circuit breakers tripped during this operation.


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