December 30, Greenacres City, Fla. / Cessna 441


At about 1115 eastern time, a Cessna 441 was destroyed by impact with a lake in a residential area in Greenacres City. The pilot was killed. The pilot contacted Palm Beach International Airport to request a practice ILS approach. The pilot was instructed by the controller to proceed northwest and maintain 2,500 feet. When the airplane was five miles southwest of the airport, ATC instructed the pilot to turn southbound due to inbound traffic from the west. During the final two minutes of the flight, radar coverage was intermittent. The airplane changed heading and lost altitude with each radar return. In the last 15 seconds of the flight the airplanes vertical descent speed approached 6,000 fpm. Several witnesses saw the airplane circle twice with the engines revving, while getting lower and lower until it hit the water.


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