December 31, Armonk, N.Y. / Beech Sierra


At about 16:16 eastern time, a Beech 23-24R crashed near Armonk while maneuvering to land at the Westchester County Airport. The pilot was killed. The flight was headed from Portsmouth, N.H., to Philadelphia and was in cruise flight at 8,000 feet when it started to deviate from the assigned route. The controller advised the pilot of the deviation and provided radar vectors back to the airway. Shortly after that the pilot advised the controller he was having an electrical problem and would like to cancel his IFR clearance. In addition, the pilot said he would be proceeding direct to the Carmel VOR, and then to his destination. Radar data was limited for the last 15 minutes of the flight due to terrain in the area of the accident. Initial examination of the airframe revealed that the landing gear was down and the flaps were extended approximately 15 degrees.


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