February 03, Joshua Tree, Calif. / Beech Baron


At 0953 Pacific time, a Beech 95-B55 was damaged in an off-airport landing following a loss of power while on approach to Joshua Tree Airport. The pilot and passenger were not injured. The pilot, with about 600 hours in the airplane, said the airplane had come out of its annual inspection just over four flight hours earlier. The engines lost power in the traffic pattern. Both auxiliary tanks were empty, the right tank was empty and the 37-gallon left main tank was nearly full. Both fuel selectors were on their respective main tanks. The accident flight from Santa Monica, about 45 minutes, was made with each engine supplied by its main tank. The pilot said the left engine lost power on downwind, so he shut it down and feathered the propeller. He made a wide base leg and lowered the landing gear as he turned to final at about 500 feet. About 10 seconds later the right engine quit. He tried to restart the left engine but failed, and he could not make the airport.


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