February 07, Summerville, S.C. / Piper Warrior


At 1245 eastern time, a Piper PA-28-161 taxied unoccupied into a parked airplane at Summerville Airport. The pilot suffered minor injuries and both airplanes were damaged. The pilot said he was preparing to deliver the airplane to Columbia, S.C., for avionics work. When he engaged the starter it made a spinning noise but would not turn the engine over. The pilot set the parking brake and attempted to hand prop the airplane. The engine started and the airplane began to move forward. The pilot climbed onto the wing to enter the cockpit but slipped and fell to the ground. He grabbed the outside of the airplane and was dragged across the ramp as he attempted to gain access to the cockpit. When he saw a collision was imminent, he let go. The Warrior suffered a damaged right wing spar and propeller. The parked airplane suffered a damaged wing and fuselage.


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