February 1, 2005, Shallotte, N.C. / Cessna T210M


At 1857 Eastern time, the airplane collided with trees and power lines in the vicinity of Shallotte, N.C., while maneuvering during a forced landing. Visual conditions prevailed. The airplane was destroyed, and there was a posr-crash fire. The Private pilot reported minor injuries; the Private pilot-rated passenger was fatally injured. The flight originated from Atlantic City, New Jersey, on February 1, 2005, at 1615. The airplane had been in cruise flight at 3000 feet, receiving flight following from ATC, when engine power decreased to idle. As the pilot was making a Mayday call, he lost sight of a highway on which he planned to land. He made a steep turn to the left, reacquired the highway and continued the forced landing. The right wing of the airplane collided with a tree and the ground.


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