February 1, 2008, West Gardiner, Maine, Cessna Citation 525


At about 1748 Eastern time, the aircraft crashed in a wooded area shortly after takeoff. The private instrument-rated pilot and one passenger received fatal injuries; the airplane was destroyed. Instrument conditions prevailed.

At about 1730, the airplanes engines started and it was observed taxiing. An FBO representative noticed the airplane was not on the taxiway, but on the grass area on the south side of the asphalt taxiway. At that time the ground was covered with snow and ice. The airplane taxied through a ditch, which was covered with ice and snow. It was later discovered that the airplanes left main tire broke through the ice and became stuck in the ditch.

After takeoff, the pilot reported to ATC at 1000 feet, climbing to 10,000 feet. Radar contact was made about two miles southwest of the airport. One minute later, the pilot declared an emergency, stating, “Weve got an attitude indicator failure.” About seven seconds later, the pilot announced over the frequency they were not certain which way they were turning. Radar contact was lost shortly after.


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