February 16, 2006, Lehigh Acres, Fla. / Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee


At about 2012 Eastern time, the aircraft collided with brush then nosed over during a forced landing to a road, following loss of engine power. Visual conditions prevailed. The airplane was substantially damaged; the Private pilot and one passenger sustained minor injuries. The pilot stated the fuel tanks were filled prior to takeoff. After takeoff and with the fuel selector positioned to the left tank, the engine experienced a loss of engine power. He reduced throttle, turned the fuel pump on and noted there was fuel pressure, then increased throttle, placed the mixture control to the full-rich position, moved the fuel selector to the right tank, and pumped the primer but was unable to restore engine power. He initiated a descent for a forced landing on a road but a car pulled onto the roadway. He pulled up to clear the car and headed for the left side of the road. The airplane collided with brush, then nosed over.


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