February 2, 2007, Dartmouth, Mass., Socata TBM 700


The airplane was destroyed when it impacted terrain in Dartmouth, Mass., at about 1940 Eastern time, while executing a missed-approach procedure. The Commercial pilot, Private pilot/airplane operator and passenger aboard were fatally injured. Night instrument conditions prevailed. After declaring a missed approach to ATC, radar data indicates the flight descended to 300 feet msl along the approachs final approach course, then made a climbing left turn to approximately 1000 feet msl before radar contact was lost. No further communications from the accident flight were received by ATC.

Preliminary information reveals that the destination airports approach lighting system for the runway in use was out of service and that a Notam for the outage was in effect. Although the approach lighting system was out of service, the runway lights were operating at the time of the accident. Reported weather at the destination included wind from 160 degrees at four knots, visibility of one mile in light rain and mist and an overcast ceiling at 200 feet.


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