February 20, 2013, Thomson, Ga. Beech 390 Premiere I


The airplane was destroyed when it collided with a utility pole, trees and terrain at 2006 Eastern time, following a go-around attempt. The airline transport-rated pilot and co-pilot were seriously injured; five passengers were fatally injured. Night visual conditions prevailed; an IFR flight plan had been filed.

Witnesses reported the airplane appeared to be in position to land when the pilot discontinued the approach and commenced a go-around. The witnesses observed the airplane continue down the runway at a low altitude. The airplane struck a poured-concrete utility pole and braided wires at about 59 feet agl and ¼ mile east the departure end of Runway 10. The utility pole was not lighted. During the initial impact with the utility pole, the outboard section of the left wing was severed. The airplane continued another ¼ mile east before colliding with trees and terrain. A post-crash fire ensued and consumed a majority of the airframe.

The landing gear was found extended and the flap handle was found in the 10-degree (go-around) position. Weather conditions included calm wind and clear skies.


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