February 22, Valley Springs, Texas / Cessna 210


At approximately 1045 central time, a Cessna 210N crashed while maneuvering near Valley Springs. The non-instrument-rated pilot was killed. Instrument meteorological conditions prevailed for the flight from Midland to Sugarland. The pilot had obtained two weather briefings prior to departure and was informed there was an Airmet for IFR conditions in effect and that VFR was not recommended. The pilot said he would call back prior to his departure for another weather briefing. The pilot called back at 0851 but an update for the Airmet was not available. The pilot then got weather reports for airports along his route of flight. Radar data showed the accident airplane apparently made a 180 degree turn before being lost from radar. A witness said the airplane sounded like it was having engine trouble before the crash. The pilots logbook revealed 580 hours total time, with 1.3 hours in actual instrument conditions.


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