February 23, El Cajon, Calif. / Luscombe T-8


At about 1611 Pacific time, a Luscombe T-8F hit the ground during an attempted go-around after the pilot aborted landing at Gillespie Field. Neither pilot on board was injured. Both pilots possessed flight instructor certificates. The accident pilot said his son, the other pilot, had performed three takeoffs and landings in the traffic pattern. During rollout on the fourth landing, the accident pilot pulled the control stick aft to lower the tailwheel. The airplane veered left, directional control was lost, and the airplane collided with a taxiway sign. Thereafter, the pilot applied full power to go around. The airplane veered right, exited the right side of the runway, and became airborne. While in ground effect, the airplanes right wing tip impacted a nearby dirt embankment.


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