February 24, 2013, Homestead, Fla. Cessna T337G Turbo Skymaster


The airplane was substantially damaged at about 1142 Eastern time when it was ditched in Biscayne Bay. Visual conditions prevailed. The private pilot and three passengers sustained minor injuries.

While the flight was in cruising flight at about 900 feet agl, the rear engine quit without warning. The pilot added full power to the front engine and restarted the rear engine but about 500 feet of altitude were lost. The rear engine manifold pressure after the successful restart fluctuated between 15 and 17 inches; engine rpm also fluctuated, between 2000 and 2200.

The pilot determined he could not make it to land for an emergency landing and elected to ditch the airplane. He lowered the landing gear before ditching; after touchdown the airplane nosed over. All occupants exited the airplane within 20 seconds and were rescued by a boat, then taken to land.


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