February 27, 2007, Athens, Texas, Cessna T182T


At approximately 1506 Central time, the brand-new airplane was substantially damaged during a forced landing. The Commercial pilot was seriously injured; the two passengers sustained minor injuries. Visual conditions prevailed. According to the pilot, the turbine-inlet-temperature warning light illuminated, followed by a sudden loss of engine power. When the pilot realized he would not be able to make a nearby airport, he landed in a grass field.

Post-crash examination revealed the B-nut fitting securing the fuel line to the fuel flow transducer was loose. The B-nut fitting was tightened by hand and the engine was started. The engine started immediately and was allowed to warm up before power was increased to 1500 rpm.

At this point, a mechanic slowly loosened the fitting by hand to the position in which it was found after the accident and the engine immediately lost power. The fitting was then re-tightened and engine power returned to normal. The engine was then run through its full power band without interruption. All engine instrument readings were normal during the test run.

The airplane had accrued a total of 8.9 hours at the time of the accident. It was purchased from Cessna on February 26, 2007, the day before the accident.


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