February 4, 2007, Miami, Fla., McDonnell Douglas DC-8-71F


At about 2255 Eastern time the Colombian-registered airplane, operating as an international cargo flight sustained minor damage when its right main landing gear collapse during the landing roll. Instrument conditions prevailed. The three crewmembers aboard were not injured. According to the Captain, after making a normal approach and touchdown, and with the airplane decelerating through about 100-120 knots, it began to lean and veer to the right. The crew stopped the airplane on the runway and evacuated. The airplane came to rest on the number three and four engine nacelles; the right wing did not contact the runway. The carriers director of operations subsequently stated the DC-8s landing weight was 241,000 pounds. The airplanes maximum landing weight is 258,000 pounds, and it had 19,000 pounds of fuel on board when it landed.


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