February 9, 2006, Aspen, Colo. / Canadair CL-600 Challenger


The aircraft was substantially damaged while landing in visual conditions at approximately 1245 Mountain time. The Airline Transport pilot, co-pilot and passenger were uninjured. According to the pilot, he was landing on Runway 15 when the airplane encountered wake vortices from a departing BAe 146, which took off from Runway 33. At 50 feet agl, the airplane rolled hard to the left and the stall warning horn activated. The pilot added power and the airplane rolled hard to the right. The pilot was able to stop the roll; however, the nose dropped and the right main landing gear impacted the runway. The right main landing gear strut penetrated the right wing, the leading edge of the right wing was crushed aft and the right aft wing spar was bent and buckled.


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