January 11, 2012, Fitchburg, Mass., Cessna 150G


The airplane was substantially damaged at 0930 Eastern time during an impact with terrain following loss of engine power during initial climb. The flight instructor received minor injuries and the student pilot was seriously injured. Visual conditions prevailed.

After two touch-and-go landings at a nearby airport, the engine began to run rough. The flight instructor took control, lowered the angle of attack and applied carburetor heat. The engine “immediately ran rougher” and the flight instructor pushed in the carburetor heat knob. The engine then ran “less rough.” He tried to keep the airplane flying and was successful for about 15 to 20 seconds, but it then settled and struck trees.

Examination revealed a fuel stain on the airplane’s belly and dirt and oil on the inside of the cowling under the carburetor appeared to have been washed off. The fuel line from the fuel strainer to the carburetor was disconnected at the carburetor and threads inside the fuel line fitting connect it to the carburetor exhibited corrosion and fretting.


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