January 15, 2011, Stuart, Fla., Schweizer 269C-1


The helicopter was substantially damaged at about 1705 Eastern time after it became airborne and rolled over on the ramp. The private pilot was not injured. Day visual conditions prevailed.

After landing, the flight instructor assisted the pilot in setting the collective and cyclic friction. The instructor then transferred control to the private pilot and exited the helicopter. The pilot remained in the cockpit to allow the engine to cool for shutdown. After the flight instructor exited the cockpit, the helicopter got “light on [the] skids” and began a slight yaw to the right. The private pilot confirmed the collective was all the way down and pushed slightly on the “already stiff cyclic (because of the friction)” to avoid the other helicopter. The helicopter then climbed, rolled right and its main rotor blades began hitting the tarmac. He shut the engine down and exited the cockpit.


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