January 19, 2013, Marysville, Calif., Cessna 172F Skyhawk


The airplane collided into a muddy field at about 1605 Pacific time following a total loss of engine power during initial climb. The flight instructor and passenger sustained minor injuries; the airplane sustained substantial damage. Visual conditions prevailed.

The airplane had recently undergone an annual inspection; the accident flight was the first one since that maintenance was conducted. After takeoff, the instructor made the short flight to the destination and decided to perform several touch-and-go landings. Following a smooth landing, he configured the airplane for takeoff by confirming the fuel selector was positioned on “BOTH” wing tanks, the carburetor heat was off, the flaps were retracted, and the fuel mixture was “RICH.” He applied full power and the airplane climbed to about 150 feet, during which time the CFI noted the oil pressure and temperature were showing normal indications. At 150 feet agl, the engine lost all power. He lowered the nose and configured the airplane for a best-glide airspeed. Despite his efforts, the CFI could not restart the engine and the airplane touched down in a muddy field, digging in its main landing gear and flipping over.


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