January 21, 2012, North Vernon, Ind., Cessna 177 Cardinal


The airplane sustained substantial damage when it impacted wooded terrain at 2041 Eastern time. The private pilot and passenger sustained fatal injuries. Visual conditions prevailed and VFR flight following services were provided by ATC.

Radar data showed the airplane in a descent from 7800 feet msl to 2800 feet msl before radar contact was lost. The airplane impacted wooded terrain adjacent to a residence. The homeowner reported he heard a low flying airplane, looked out the back window of his house and noticed a small fire in the woods behind his residence. All major components of the airplane were located at the accident site. A nearby weather observation at 2056 reported wind from 080 degrees at six knots, 10 statute miles visibility, overcast clouds at 1500 feet agl and temperature -3 degrees C.


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