January 25, El Monte, Calif. / Cessna 210


At 1210 Pacific time, a Cessna T210L suffered a collapsed landing gear during a precautionary landing at El Monte Airport following a loss of electrical power during cruise flight. The pilot and passenger were uninjured. The pilot said he had departed Cable Airport nearly two hours earlier. The airplane had been in maintenance for three months having the interior replaced, avionics installed and the exterior painted. This was the first flight since completion of the work. The pilot said he was entering the traffic pattern at Camarillo Airport and selected gear down. He then reached for the flap selector when all electrical power was lost. He circled and attempted to solve the problem, but was unsuccessful. Using a handheld transceiver, he informed Camarillo Tower he would fly to El Monte, the airplanes base. The pilot and the passenger visually confirmed gear down and the pilot also used the emergency hand pump to verify. About two seconds after touchdown the right main gear collapsed. When the airplane was being recovered, the right gear was manually extended and it locked into position. No electrical faults were found by the preliminary inspection.


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